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4us Banks offers innovative features for a better use



Web based with an online help
Open Platform: Windows or Linux servers
Open Technologies: Java, J2EE, MySQL, Javascript, HTML…
Known Java Web Development design patterns
Cloud tested: Jelastic & Hetzner;
Integrated supervision Module;
Integrability with other systems: Active Directory (LDAP), Navision (Microsoft ERP), odoo…;
Audit trail;
Security Access;
Multi-channel: Smart Phone, Pad, EFTPOS, ATM.



All the following features can be adjustable depending on the client’s needs.

Master Data (regions, company types…);
Language (the system takes into consideration any language that can be written from right to left or from left to right);
Contracts, receipts or any document issued of the system
Reports & Dashboards
Accounting chart and Accounting generated documents
Maintenance of loan loss reserves;
Calculation of taxes


Key Modules

Using the system help you in time optimization & risk control

The massive work of a Microfinance Institution resides on how she can control the risk of clients repayment default, by optimizing time and cost!

4us Banks is the perfect solution; it provides an advanced Feasibility Study based on the social and the economic inclusion of the beneficiary,





Join our community to fight poverty

4us Banks is a result of more than 30 years of solid field experience, bringing the best practices of the Islamic Microfinance world.
The system is developed with the concept of Economic Empowerment, a comprehensive approach for doing business with Disadvantaged population and start considering them as real qualified Partners, not as burdens.

A Microfinance solution

4us Banks is a complete solution for Islamic Microfinance Institutions, and is composed of several modules, which are fully interconnected:

• Programs and portfolio
• Financing
• Savings and Deposits
• Procurement
• Accounting
• Business Process Management
• Business Intelligence & Reporting

Using Islamic instruments

4us Banks uses a variety of instruments that allow to respond in an Islamic Compliant way to your clients, such as: Murabaha, Mussawama, Mudarabah, Salam, Ijara, Ijara wa Iktinaa, Muzaraa, Musharaka, Musharaka Mutanakisa, Istisnaa and Qard Hassan.


4us Bank allows the Institutions to manage multiple funds and participate in different development programs taking into consideration the backers conditions.

Tailoring reports

4us Banks has a rich toolbox to create a variety of reports including dashboards and personalized reports customizable to different business needs.

Multi-dimensional analysis

4us Banks gives the capability to manipulate the data from multiple sources and perspectives taking into account the hierarchical organization structure.

Tracking performance

4us Banks helps evaluating efficiency by measuring the microfinance standard key performance indicators (CGAP) and monitoring the activity results against planned objectives.

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