President's word

The aim of our company is to help the economic empowerment of the poor through participatory finance / microfinance. It is about providing the disadvantaged population with resources and skills to become autonomous, to enable them to become economic and social actors that produce wealth and contribute to societal progress.

Our economic approach is fundamentally human and social, placing "man" at the center of change, not at the service of the machine of production.

One of the consequences of this approach is to consider as a focal point the building of capacities and the development of opportunities for the poor and populations threatened with marginalization. The use of relief and aid should not be the purpose of development missions. For that, a confidence in the important potential of the target persons to carry out entrepreneurial projects is a necessary condition for the success of the process of their empowerment. Another implication of such an approach is to work for the cultural change that involves changing the mentalities of these populations so that they themselves have confidence in their abilities and their future.

We see the poor as our partners and everyone should understand and assume their roles and responsibilities. This is an important factor in ensuring, at best, the balance between social performance and economic performance.

In this framework, we believe that Self-entrepreneurship is to be encouraged and supported as it can play a strategic role in the integration and empowerment of young and marginalized people.

In order to fulfil its mission, our company has designed and implemented an economic training system that consists in offering the following products and services:

1- Assistance for the design and implementation of an entrepreneurial ecosystem favourable to the abilities of the poor;
2- An adequate MIS for the management and monitoring of economic empowerment programs of disadvantaged populations for the different actors of these programs: Financial Institutions, Governments, Donors, Communities;
3- Work tools tested in the field;
4- A capacity building program for the benefit of all stakeholders in economic empowerment programs: actors and beneficiaries;
5- Assistance for the creation and start-up of activities of entities specialized in economic empowerment;
6- Assistance for the creation and mobilization of funds for programs of economic empowerment;
7- Assistance for the study and assembly of investment projects in the field of economic capacitation

Our company enjoys a network of national and international partners that allows us to meet the requirements of our customers and ensure our mission in the best conditions;

We have accomplished major projects in several countries: Sudan, Benin, Palestine, Tunisia, Djibouti, Yemen, Guinea, Senegal...

We are ready to take up the challenges with you to make people more confident, more competent and happier.

About us

4US is a company promoted and managed by dynamic professionals expert in the field of Economic Empowerment through Islamic Finance.

Our Vision

Being the reference at the international level in providing Economic Empowerment solutions.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide consultancy services, develop IT services and reference manuals, in the field of Economic Empowerment through Islamic Finance. We beleive that this knowledge will have a large impac

Why 4US

A unique philosophy and a field-proven methodology of Economic Empowerment

First of its kind automated solution of Economic Empowerment through Islamic Finance, designed for all types of financial institutions.


Million dedicated to the economic empowerment


Beneficiaries of economic empowerment


New institutions specialized in economic empowerment


Jobs are created in Palestine through economic empowerment

Our Team

Our team is a group of highly qualified individuals specialized in the following fields :

Islamic Economy and Finance
Microfinance and Economic Empowerment
Institutions and projects
IT Engineering
Islamic Law

Anasse El Hasnaoui

General Manager

Abderrahim Lih

Head of Consulting and Training Department

Said Ait Dadda

IT Responsible

Zakaria Kharchaf

Technical sales representative