4US Software Suite

4US MIS is a software suite of 4 Unified Systems for Economic Empowerment through Islamic Finance, that cover the MIS needs of all the stakeholders in the sphere of economic empowerment.

4US Gov

4US Gov is the information system of the 4US Suite designed for governments seeking to implement a development program. 4US Gov assists government agencies during all phases of the program through the following modules:


Conduct field surveys
Analyze economic and social data of the poor
Analyze the needs and potential of poor families
Establish a knowledge base fed by preliminary field studies
Define a national strategy of economic empowerment through Islamic finance
Set standards and appropriate evaluation indicators
Define social and economic objectives
Conduct simulations


Contacting potential partners
Management and monitoring of campaigns


Operational planning of economic empowerment programs
Defining the actors roles and responsibilities
Coordination of the relationship between internal and external actors
Setting up funds


Manage interconnected development programs
Monitoring of program funding
Monitoring of execution entities' activity and program management
Monitoring activity and program execution


Conduct impact analysis
Multivariate Analysis of financing, management and execution Data
Objectives evaluation Report

4US Funds

4US Funds aims to assist international organizations, mainly donors, to develop and implement programs of economic empowerment in developing countries. For this, the modules 4us Funds cover all phases necessary for the implementation of these programs including the design, fundraising, search and partner selection, monitoring and classification of the implementing agencies ... 4US Funds includes So the following modules:


Define standards governing the collaboration with partners
Define performance indicators to monitor the economic empowerment of the Deprived families


Choose intervention policy in poor areas using selection criteria (social, economic, geographic, demographic, ...)
Definition of contracts and conditions governing partnerships and relationships with local autorities


Create and manage a fund for financing economic empowerment programs
Create and manage an investment portfolio for financing economic empowerment programs through islamic finance
Mobilize donors to participate in funds and investment portfolios
Invest in external funds and external portfolios conform to the policy of intervention
Develop supporting funds and guarantee fund for economic empowerment programs


Implement economic empowerment programs through communities and executing agencies meeting the standards
Coordinate with all stakeholders: governments, local or international


Monitor the work of own funds and own portfolios
Follow the placments in external funds and external portfolios
Monitor the activity of local stakeholders and partners
Ensure compliance with the intervention policy
Evaluate program performance based on the defined indicators


4US CDD is a system that allows local communities to take part in the management and control of economic empowerment programs through the following modules:


Develop strategic and operational plannings for the execution of economic empowerment programs
Meet the requirements of government and the legal framework
Comply with the intervention policies of contributors


Provide financial support programs
Establish local guarantee funds


Organize and supervise the beneficiaries
Beneficiaries’ capacity building
Manage and control economic empowerment programs
Provide technical support to economic empowerment programs


Assess the socio-economic impacts of economic empowerment programs
Assess the financial performance of economic empowerment programs