Economic Empowerment considers the different dimensions of poverty

The combination of elements such as fragility, social, economic and cultural barriers lead to a multi-faceted poverty that relates to:

Income level,
Social justice,

We believe that the poor have the right to get out of poverty by addressing all its dimensions since remaining in poverty is a violation of human/social rights

Economic Empowerment emphasises social and economic solidarity role in fighting povrety

Economic Empowerment aims to raise the socio-economic status of the poor and marginalized population through social and economic solidarity

Everyone agrees today that the state's role in economic and social development in itself is not sufficient to develop an economy that is just and socially responsible.

This is what justifies the need for the development of social and solidarity economy, and this is why social institutions-including our company- are looking for other ways to find a more human economy and more productive of wealth without being based only on the laws of the market and the money

Enterprises are originally a group of persons before being a capital
Enterprise is ownership of its employees
Enterprises are managed democratically and mutually and have a special legal status (Association - cooperative - informal groups...)
Enterprises are formed by persons who do not belong to the business world and are marginalized

Economic Empowerment Fundamentals

Stop considering poors and social groups with special needs as a burden on society and the burden on families. Poor can become real economic actors, even businessmen.

Move from relief assistance approach to the development approach

Consider target population as key actors in development and that they have potential capabilities to be explored,

Work to change the mindsets of the beneficiaries so that they can be more confident in their abilities and their potential

Reach equilibrium between social performance, economic performance and financial performance

Rely on self-employment

Our approach to Economic Empowerment

Enable the poor to access to programs and projects opportunities:


Feasibility Study: financial, social, economic and risks


Project planning and organization in the local communities by the mechanisms of the social economy (cooperatives - associations – informal groups...) - Engineering Project - Manual and operating tools


Implementation, follow-up, support individual and collective capacity building


Evaluation and correction, guidance and ownership and development of the spirit of independence in the administration

Enable the poor to overcome six obstacles :

Develop Intelligent Partnership for the poor

Insert the activities of poors in a total value chain in order to maximize their profits by:

Networking projects for the poor,
Enabling the poor to have partnerships with various partners with high added value,
Building on the partnership for all,
Build confidence on the partnership with the poor,
Involve the poor in the management of the partnership.